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1.8, the first release of The Bountiful Update, was a major update to Minecraft: Java Edition, released on September 2, 2014.[1] The update made it easier for map makers to create adventure maps, whilst using the newly added Spectator Mode. It also added many new blocks, items, and mobs; added and extended many commands; and gave way for many more world customization options, among other things.

There were 52 snapshots and three pre-releases for 1.8.

Java Edition version history



  • Chiseled and Cracked Stone Bricks, Mossy Cobblestone, and Mossy Stone Bricks are now craftable
  • Beacon light beams now change color when going through stained glass/stained glass panes
  • Doors stack to 64, and give three instead of one when crafted
  • Furnaces now rewind at 2 times speed when they run out of fuel
  • Buttons can be placed on the ceiling and on the ground
  • Daylight sensors can now be inverted by right clicking
  • Mob heads are available in Survival
  • Monster Spawners can be right clicked with a spawn egg in hand to change what it produces
  • Updated mob AI for all mobs
  • Removed AI for Giants and Humans
  • Iron Golems no longer attack the player while in Creative Mode
  • Tamed Ocelots and Tamed Wolves display a death message in chat if they were named with a name tag
  • Arrows behave differently underwater, losing all velocity after a few blocks and slowly fall
  • Enchanting now costs Lapis Lazuli
  • Added new default skin with slim arms: Alex

Subsequent updates


Released on November 24, 2014, this update adds the doEntityDrops gamerule, adds proper color display support for new blocks on maps, and changes a few things including but not limited to:

This version had five pre-releases.


Released on February 19, 2015, this update adds 2 new Splash Texts, a frame-time graph to the Debug Screen, and many new statistics.

This version had seven pre-releases.


Released on February 20, 2015, this update fixed 11 issues - including a bug in 1.8.2 that caused a crash on world load.


Released on April 17, 2015, this update mostly fixed bugs, tweaked Spectator Mode and loading Head skins from Mojang servers.


Released on May 22, 2015, this update mostly fixed bugs, added one splash text, and removed splash texts related to Markus Persson.


Released on May 25, 2015, this update fixed one bug.


Released on June 5, 2015, this update fixed ten issues.


Released on July 27, 2015, this update fixed 38 issues. It also changed banners so that only up to sixteen layers are rendered. A new minigame was added to Realms as well.


Released on December 9, 2015, this update fixed thirteen issues, added a toggle to Realms notifications as well as optimized Realms.


  • This version is most popular among servers because of the combat system prior to 1.9.
  • 1.8 was the only major update to Java Edition to be released in 2014.
  • At the time, this was the longest development cycle to a major update in the history of Minecraft, with the first snapshot coming out on January 9, 2014 – 236 days before the full release.


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