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A single chunk.

A chunk is a 256-block tall 16×16 segment of a Minecraft world and is the method used by the world generator to divided maps into manageable pieces.

Creation of Chunks[]

Chunks are 16 blocks wide, 16 blocks long, and 256 blocks high – making a total of 65,536 blocks, including air. Chunks are generated around players upon entering the world, and new chunks are generated as they wander around the world.

Chunks are generated via the map seed, which means that the same chunks are always the same if you use the same seed again, provided that the map generator and version number remain the same.

Finding Chunk Edges[]

  • Pressing the F3 button (default) opens the debug screen which shows a player's X, Y, and Z coordinates. These coordinates will change as a player moves around. X and Z coordinates that are divisible by 16 represent the boundaries between chunks. EG: (96, -32) is a corner where four chunks meet. One of those chunks is between X coordinates 80 to 96 and Z coordinates -48 to -32. Another one is between X coordinates 96 to 112 and Z coordinates -32 to -16, and so on. When either X or Z crosses a multiple of 16, a player is moving across chunks.
  • One can make a timer with repeaters and hooking up a sticky piston to it. Put glowstone in front of the piston. The light will flicker while the piston moves and if one is up on a high pole, one can see that the light updates on the chunks at slightly different times. This can also be achieved with 2 regular pistons.
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  • Chunks were added in the Cave Game tech test, the earliest version of Minecraft.