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The Glow Squid is a variety of the squid that originated in Minecraft Earth. It has a luminescent, glowing texture with sparkles on it. This mob was one of the options in Minecraft Live 2020 to be added into the game,[1] along with the iceologer and moobloom. It won the vote, and will be added in the 1.17 - Caves and Cliffs update. It has been announced that the glow squid will glow like an enderman's eyes.[2] In Vanilla Minecraft, the Glow Squid was released in snapshot 21w03a on Wednesday, Jan. 20th. It drops 1-3 Glow Ink Sacs when killed and currently does not spawn naturally.

The glow squid drops Glow Ink Sacs that can be used to brighten writing on signs and can be crafted with item frames to make Glow Item Frames. These glow item frames are brighter than the original, and will make whatever item that is being displayed by the glow item frame brighter without adding to its light level.


Glow squids will spawn in the deepest parts of the oceans, and it was hinted in Minecraft that they may spawn in underground lakes, and in swamps like in Minecraft Earth.


  • It is the first mob from Minecraft Earth to make it into Minecraft.
  • When hit, the squid will stop glowing for a moment.
  • For now, it is possible more will come of the glow squid, although likely not.
  • It was speculated that it would drop glowing dye; however, this was debunked in an Ask Mojang interview. It does, however drop glowing ink sacs.


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