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The Iceologer is an illager and a hostile mob found in Minecraft: Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC. It has red eyes, blue markings on its face, a blue cloak, and brown boots. It was one of the options for a new mob in Minecraft Live 2020, and was a potential candidate for the Caves and Cliffs update; however, it was the second mob voted out in the mob vote.


The Iceologer has one attack called "Ice Blocks".

Ice Blocks

The Iceologer summons an ice cloud which hover above the player, and when they fall, they give the Slowness Effect and stun the player for a few seconds.


  • In Minecraft Live 2020, the iceologer was one of the proposed mobs that would be added to the game, alongside the Moobloom and Glow Squid. Viewers of the event were able to vote for their preferred mob in Twitter polls.
  • The iceologer was not added to the game as the glow squid ended up receiving the most votes.
  • The iceologer is called chillager in Minecraft: Dungeons.