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A Piglin is a Semi-Neutral Mob that is located in and throughout The Nether. It spawns in the Crimson Forest,  Nether Wastes, and Bastion Remnants.


Piglins will be aggressive to Players as long as they are not wearing any Gold Armor. If the Player is wearing at least one piece of Gold Armor, the Piglin will not attack them. Piglins are passive on Peaceful Difficulty. They will become hostile and attack the player if the player provokes the Piglin. The Piglin can be provoked when attacked, when nearby Gold-related blocks are destroyed (including nether gold ore), or when nearby chests of any type, are opened or destroyed.

They are not provoked when Hoppers, Furnaces or other storage blocks are opened or broken, thus Hoppers can be used to take items from Loot Chests without provoking the Piglins.

They wield Golden Swords or Crossbows as weapons. If not angered, they will barter with the Player for Gold Ingots. Piglins and Wither Skeletons hate each other. Piglins will also attack Hoglins when hungry and may dance if the Piglins achieve victory.

Piglins fear Zombified Piglins and Soul Fire, Soul Fire Torches, Soul Fire Lanterns and Soul Fire Campfires. They will run away fast as soon as they see them. Like Villagers, Piglins can open Wooden Doors and Iron Doors.

If a Piglin enters the Overworld or The End, it will turn into a Zombified Piglin after 15 seconds or 300 Ticks, retaining Gold Armor and hold a Golden Sword. After it is zombified, it will have the Nausea effect for 10 seconds or 200 Ticks. However, in the Bedrock Edition, the Piglin won't have the Nausea effect.

If a Piglin is summoned with Commands, using the tag {IsImmuneToZombification} set to 1 will cause it to never turn into a Zombified Piglin, even if present in the Overworld or The End.

Baby Piglins are passive and interact with baby Hoglins, running around and playing with them. Up to three baby Piglins may stack on top of each other while riding a baby Hoglin.

Piglins cannot swim, and drown if submerged, despite being living mobs; this is intentional behavior.[1] They are not naturally immune to fire or lava, unlike their classic counterpart, the Zombie Pigman.

Piglins snort enviously while watching Players holding a Gold-related item.


The player can barter with Piglins by right-clicking or dropping a Gold Ingot at a Piglin when it is not angered. They will give the player a random item on a six-second timer (eight seconds in Bedrock Edition). They like to barter with Players. When a player attacks the Piglin, they defend or escape. Do not give Gold Ingots to baby Piglins, though as they will scam the player. This can give one of the following items: 

[The following list is for 1.16.2+]


  • The death sound for the piglin is currently identical to the death sound of a pig, but this is just a temporary placeholder, they might change it.
  • They are the second Mob to be able to naturally spawn holding Crossbows, the first being the Pillager.
  • The Piglin is the second mob in the game whose neutral status is affected by what the player wears. The first was the Enderman, which will not become hostile to a player that looks directly at them wearing a Carved Pumpkin, similarly the Piglin will not be hostile if the player is wearing Golden armor.
  • If a player gives a Piglin a piece of Armor, they will look at it and eventually wear it.
    • A Piglin will only wear Armor that is superior to what they are already wearing (they will keep the armour they already have if they're wearing Gold).
  • Baby Piglins will participate in a battle against Wither Skeletons.
  • Zombified Piglins have a lighter shade of pink than regular Piglins.
  • To avoid hostility from piglins, a player does not need to wear full gold armor. So long as at least one of the worn pieces of Armor is Gold, Piglins will not be hostile.
  • A duplication bug exists within a baby Piglin's inventory; if a player gives a baby piglin any item except armor or a non-stackable item, wait for it to take it into its inventory, then give it a Gold Ingot, and then kill the baby Piglin mid-barter, the original item will be duplicated, or doubled. This bug is only known to exist on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
  • If a player gives a baby Piglin a Gold Ingot, it will steal the Ingot and run away, thus scamming the player.
  • In Minecraft: dungeons piglins are not hostile to wither skeletons


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