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Steak (also known as Cooked Beef) is a food item, obtained by cooking raw beef or killing a cow while it is on fire. Butcher villagers will sell steak for emeralds. It is the cooked counterpart of raw beef.


When eaten, steak restores (Shank.pngShank.pngShank.pngShank.png). It is most logical to use steak as a primary source of food, as the raw material is easily harvested, restores the second-highest amount of hunger points out of any easily obtainable, stackable food, and it provides the highest food saturation.


The raw beef required to cook a steak is dropped by cows. When a cow dies from heat damage, from something such as fire or lava, they will drop a ready-to-eat cooked steak instead of raw beef. Otherwise, raw beef must first be cooked in a furnace, smoker, or campfire before eating it to benefit the most.