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The Warped Forest is a Nether biome added in the 1.16 - Nether Update. It contains the warped fungi and the Enderman.


The warped forest is one of the two forest biomes added to the Nether in the 1.16 Nether Update. It is highly recognizable due to the blue blocks used in the biome a sharp contrast to the red of the Nether. The terrain is similar to the rest of the Nether, but with the addition of the warped fungus. The ground is covered in a grass-like block called warped nylium, with warped roots, nether shoots, warped fungus, and crimson fungus growing on top. The warped hyphae is placed throughout this biome, providing a source of wood and light to players.

Both nether fortresses and bastion remnants can be found within this biome.


A fully constructed Nether Portal.

The warped forest biome occurs in the nether, and so must be accessed through the use of a Nether Portal. A nether portal may be constructed by 14 obsidian arranged in an upright frame, and is activated by placing fire in the frame usually by flint and steel. Optionally, the corners on the portal may be left out. A nether portal can be up to 23x23 blocks in size.


An Enderman

  • Endermen--tall, black humanoids that have the ability to teleport and pick up certain blocks. Endermen drop ender pearls upon death and spawn frequently in the warped forest biome.


  • No songs play in the warped forest. The developers did this on purpose to make the biome more creepy.
  • No hostile mobs spawn in warped forest, neither do semi-hostile Piglins. This makes the biome almost completely safe excluding the neutral Endermen.
  • It is the safest biome in the Nether.